“Building Arizona, One Wall at a Time”
License Numbers
ROC 143019-L-10
ROC 143020-L-36

Arizona Wall Inc. performs subcontract work for Light Gauge Structural Steel framing, metal support assemblies and gypsum board installations in all types of construction. We are a small business licensed and bonded to perform residential and commercial construction in Arizona with Hawaii and California on the way!! We have also worked in Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. We can perform on any size project and can Bond projects up to 1 Million.


We are BUILDERS. We employ the best craftsmen in the trade and retain them with fair wages and a family like atmosphere. Our average employee has over 5 years of service with us. That means Quality by accountability, no peace work guys that cut quality to make production. We have pride in our work, the guy that says “I built that”, is the mentality we nurture and reward.    


We have intentionally remained a small business so that we can better serve our customers. We rarely employ more than 50 people, and maintain our 15 core guys. This philosophy is the foundation of our success. Keep it small and manageable. Utilize the newest technology combined with time tested methods and demand safety and quality from each individual.


Arizona Wall Inc. offers assistance in GREEN construction with most of our materials already well over recyclable standards set by LEED. In the increasingly specialized trade of Drywall, we are leaders. Arizona Wall, Inc. also installs and or self performs all of the following:

All types of Tile Backer products, Glass-mat, Cement or Moisture/Mold Resistant


Shaft assemblies

Fire rated assemblies

Fire stopping, draft stopping, smoke stopping and acoustic barriers.

Furnish and Install Access panels and Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Bullet Resistant Panels and Impact resistant drywall

GFRG or glass fiber reinforced gypsum architectural shapes and Columns

GFRC or glass fiber reinforced concrete architectural shapes and Columns

Pre-coated interior foam shapes (cornice and crowns)

Signage and plaques

Shimmer Screen and architectural partitions


Small Stucco and Plaster projects

Sound Proofing products (quiet rock)

Light gauge steel trusses

In wall supports,

Aluminum reveals and trims including base and vents.

All types of exterior sheathing including plywood

Lead-Lined drywall and Plywood


If you have a project that demands excellence, give us call, we will be happy to lend our expertise.